Volume 11, Issue 2 (August 2016)

Research Articles


Observations on Population Ecology and Abundance of the Micro-endemic Oaxaca Mud Turtle (Kinosternon oaxacae).

Alma G. Vázquez-Gómez, Martha Harfush, and Rodrigo Macip-Ríos

Natural History and Conservation of Haly's Tree Skink (Dasia haliana) in Dry Zone Forests of Sri Lanka.

Suranjan Karunarathna, Thilina Surasinghe, Majintha Madawala, Dushantha Kandambi, Tharaka Priyadarshana, and
Anslem De Silva

A Description of the Tadpole of Leptobrachium smithi (Anura: Megophryidae) from South Assam, India.

Pammi Singh, Mithra Dey, and Sunkam Narayana Ramanujam

Synchrony of Ecdysis in Snakes.

Harvey B. Lillywhite and Coleman M. Sheehy III

Amphibian Species Composition and Priorities for Regional Conservation at the Espinhaço Mosaic, Southeastern Brazil.

Izabela M. Barata, Camila M. Correia, and Guilherme B. Ferreira

Conservation and Protection of Threatened Pine Snakes (Pituophis melanoleucus) in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, USA.

Joanna Burger and Robert T. Zappalorti

Natural History of the Valley and Ridge Salamander (Plethodon hoffmani): Demography, Movement, Microhabitats, and

Bradley E. Carlson, Christopher J. Thawley, and Sean P. Graham

The Role of Temperature on Survival and Growth of the Barton Springs Salamander (Eurycea sosorum).

Justin C. Crow, Michael R.J. Forstner, Kenneth G. Ostrand, and Joseph R. Tomasso

Sources of Mortality in the Endangered Eastern Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus) in Illinois.

Sarah J. Baker, Michael J. Dreslik, Daniel B. Wylie, and Christopher A. Phillips

European Plethodontid Salamanders on the Forest Floor: Local Abundance is Related to Fine-scale Environmental Factors.

Andrea Costa, Federico Crovetto, and Sebastiano Salvidio

Diet Composition of the Subdesert Toad, Amietophrynus xeros (Anura: Bufonidae) in Sudan, North Africa.

Yassir Sulieman, Theerakamol Pengsakul, and Azzam Afifi

A Novel Transport System for Hellbender Salamanders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis).

Erin K. Kenison, Zachary H. Olson, and Rod N. Williams

The Freshwater Turtle Community at Blue Spring State Park, Volusia County, Florida, USA.

J. Daren Riedle, Emily H. Kuhns, Eric C. Munscher, Andrew D. Walde, Nicole Salvatico, Magan Keserauskis, Brian P. Butterfield,
and J. Brian Hauge

Southeast Regional and State Trends in Anuran Occupancy from Calling Survey Data (2001–2013) from the North American
Amphibian Monitoring Program.

Oswaldo C. Villena, J. Andrew Royle, Linda A. Weir, Tasha M. Foreman, Kimberly D. Gazenski, and Evan H. Campbell Grant