Volume 1, Issue 2 (December 2006)

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    Announcements of Interest to the Readers of Herpetological Conservation and Biology



Research Articles


The Influence of Temporal and Spatial Origin on Size and Early Growth Rates in Captive Loggerhead Sea Turtles
(Caretta caretta) in the United States

Lesley Stokes, Jeanette Wyneken, Larry B. Crowder, and Jesse Marsh 

Diel Movements and Activity Ranges of Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) at a Temperate Foraging Area in the
Gulf of Calfornia, Mexico

Jeffrey A. Seminoff and T. Todd Jones


Utero-muscular Twisting and Sperm Storage in Viperids

Dustin S. Siegel and David M. Sever


Comparative Effectiveness of Nighttime Visual Encounter Surveys and Cover Object Searches in Detecting Salamanders

Marc C. Grover


Amphibian Biodiversity Recovery in a Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration  [Photo Gallery]

Robert Brodman, Michael Parrish, Heidi Kraus and Spencer Cortwright


Gonadal Cycle and Growth of a West Indian lizard, the Northern Curlytail Lizard (Leiocephalus carinatus armouri),
in Southern Florida
 [Photo Gallery]

Walter E. Meshaka, Jr., Henry T. Smith, and Christopher L. Dean


Behavioral Responses of Bufo arenarum Tadpoles to Odonate Naiad Predation

Maria G. Perotti, Lee A. Fitzgerald, Liliana Moreno, and Mariana Pueta

Habitat Characteristics of Sites with Yellow-Blotched Salamanders (Ensantina eschscholtzii croceator)

David J. Germano


A Simple and Reliable Method for Attaching Radio-transmitters to Lizards

Daniel A. Warner, Jai Thomas, and Richard Shine



Classic Reprints


A Revisit of a Classic Paper by Norm Scott on Amphibian and Reptile Community Ecology

R. Bruce Bury, Malcolm L. McCallum, Raymond A. Saumure, David J. Germano, and Stanley E Trauth


A Chronological Bibliography, the History and Status of Studies of Herpetological Communities, and Suggestions
for Future Research

Norman J. Scott, Jr. and Howard W. Campbell

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