Volume 5, Issue 2 (August 2010)

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Research Articles


Quantitative Assessment of Intergradation Between Two Subspecies of Painted Turtles, Chrysemys picta bellii and C. P. marginata,
in the Algoma District of West Central Ontario, Canada

Wayne F. Weller, Stephen J. Hecnar, Darlene R. Hecnar, Gary S. Casper, and F. Neil Dawson

Pathogenicity of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Larval Ambystomatid Salamanders

Matthew D. Venesky, Matthew J. Parris, and Ronald Altig

Snakes in the Grass: Secretive Natural Histories Defy Both Conventional and Progressive Statistics

David A. Steen

Genetic Structuring of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) Populations on the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

Colleen S. Sinclair, Patrick J. Dawes, and Richard A. Seigel

The Effects of Sand Temperature on Pre-emergent Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Luciano N. Segura and Rodrigo Cajade

Prevalence of Salmonella in Intestinal Mucosal Samples from Free-ranging Red-eared Sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) in Illinois

Anne M. Readel, Christopher A. Phillips, and Tony L. Goldberg

Habitat Use and Movements of Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getula holbrooki) in a Partially Abandoned and Reforested Agricultural

Michael V. Plummer

Status of the Culebra Island Giant Anole (Anolis roosevelti)

Ava Gaa Ojeda Kessler

Influence of Forest Cover on Tadpole Vital Rates in Two Tropical Treefrogs

Tanya J. Hawley

Demographic and Geographic Variation in Food Habits of American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis)

Steven W. Gabrey


Symposium of the 6th World Congress of Herpetology

Reproduction in Reptiles: from Genes to Ecology


Reproduction in Reptiles from Genes to Ecology: A Retrospective and Prospective Vision

Michael B. Thompson, Daniel G. Blackburn, and Scott L. Parker

Paracellular and Transcellular Transport Across the Squamate Uterine Epithelium

Joanna M. Biazik, Michael B. Thompson, and Christopher R. Murphy

Reproductive Specialization in a Viviparous African Skink and its Implications for Evolution and Conservation

Daniel G. Blackburn and Alexander F. Flemming

Equal Thermal Opportunity Does Not Result in Equal Gestation Length in a Cool-climate Skink and Gecko

Alison Cree and Kelly M. Hare

Conceptual Model for Thermal Limits on the Distribution of Reptiles

J. Sean Doody and Jennifer A. Moore

Calcium ATPase Localization in the Uterus of Two Species of Pseudemoia (Lacertilia: Scincidae) with Complex Placentae

Jacquie F. Herbert, Christopher R. Murphy, and Michael B. Thompson

Evolution and Development of the Extraembryonic Membranes in Lizards: Heterochronies and Placentotrophy

Francisca Leal and Martha Patricia Ramírez-Pinilla

Assisted Breeding of Skinks or How to Teach a Lizard Old Tricks!

Frank C. Molinia, Trent Bell, Grant Norbury, Alison Cree, and Dianne M. Gleeson

Comparative Placentation, Epithelial Plasticity and the "Efficient Barrier Hypothesis"

Christopher R. Murphy

Thermosensitive Period for Sex Determination in the Tuatara

Nicola J. Nelson, Jennifer A. Moore, Sushila Pillai, and Susan N. Keall

Uterine Angiogenesis in Squamate Reptiles: Implications for the Evolution of Viviparity

Scott L. Parker, Christopher R. Murphy, and Michael B. Thompson

Cytokines in Vertebrate Reproduction

Luana Paulesu, Silke Jantra, Francesca Ietta, Rossana Brizzi, Anna Maria Avanzati, and Elisa Bigliardi

Patterns of Maternal Provision and Embryonic Mobilization of Calcium in Oviparous and Viviparous Squamate Reptiles

James R. Stewart and Tom W. Ecay

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