Volume 5, Issue 3 (December 2010)





Herpetological Conservation and Biology: Metamorphosis

Raymond A. Saumure

Herpetological Conservation and Biology to be Included in Journal Citation Reports

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Research Articles


Status and Possible Decline of the Southern Dusky Salamander (Desmognathus auriculatus) in Georgia and Alabama, USA

Sean P. Graham, Elizabeth K. Timpe, and Laura R. Laurencio

Sampling Considerations for Improving Home Range Estimates of Desert Tortoises: Effects of Estimator, Sampling Regime
and Sex.
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Meagan L. Harless, Andrew D. Walde, David K. Delaney, Larry L. Pater, and William K. Hayes

Habitat use by Yosemite Toads: Life History Traits and Implications for Conservation

Martin L. Morton and Maria E. Pereyra

Phylogenetic Analysis of Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) Stomach Contents Detects Cryptic Range of a Secretive
Salamander (Ensantina eschscholtzii oregonensis)

Sean B. Reilly, Andrew D. Gottscho, Justin M. Garwood, and W. Bryan Jennings

Effects of Patch Size and Habitat Structure on the Movements of Adult Male Wood Turtles, Glyptemys insculpta

Raymond A. Saumure, Thomas B. Herman, and Roger D. Titman

A Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles at Degraded Sites Near Pointe-Noire, Kouilou Province, Republic of Congo

Kate Jackson and David C. Blackburn

Reprodutive Biology of Phymaturus cf. paluma: A Vulnerable Lizard from The Highlands of the Andes, San Juan, Argentina

Facundo Cabezas Cartes, Jorgelina Boretto, Juan Carlos Acosta, Gracelia Jahn, Graciela Blanco, Alejandro Laspiur, and Nora

Patterns of Snake Road Mortality on an Isolated Barrier Island

Brett A. DeGregorio, Eric J. Nordberg, Katherine E. Stepanoff, and Jacob E. Hill

Growth Rate Variation in Captive Species: The Case of Leopard Geckos, Eublepharis macularius

Christopher Gauthier and David Lesbarreres

High Speed Boat Traffic: A Risk to Crocodilian Populations

Paul B. Grant and Todd R. Lewis

Home Range and Daily Movements of Midland Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata) in Relation to Body Size, Sex, and
Weather Patterns

J.W. Rowe and S.F. Dalgarn

Endangered Traditional Beliefs in Japan: Influences on Snake Conservation

Kiyoshi Sasaki, Yoshinori Sasaki, and Stanley F. Fox.

Gambusia holbrooki Predation on Pseudacris feriarum Tadpoles

Mark Stanback

An Assessment of Two Methods for Sampling River Turtle Assemblages

Sean C. Sterrett, Lora L. Smith, Sara H. Schweitzer, and John C. Maerz

Herpetological Conservation and Biology Symposium

at the 6th World Congress of Herpetology

The Herpetological Conservation and Biology Symposium and the 6th World Congress of Herpetology

Robert W. Murphy, Robert Brodman, and Ben D. Bell

The Importance of Natural History, Landscape Factors, and Management Practices in Conserving Pond-breeding Salamander

Robert Brodman

The Threatened Leiopelmatid Frogs of New Zealand: Natural History Integrates with Conservation

Ben D. Bell

An Overview and Checklist of the Native and Alien Herpetofauna of the United Arab Emirates

Pritpal S. Soorae, Myyas Al Quarqaz, and Andrew S. Gardner

The Relationship Among Multiple-scale Habitat Variables and Pond Use by Anurans in Northern New South Wales, Australia

Francis Lemckert and Michael Mahoney

Endangered Species and Land Use Conflicts: A Case Study of the Virgin Islands Boa (Epicrates granti)

Renata J. Platenberg and Daniel S. Harvey

Securing the Future of Threatened Tuatara Populations with Artificial Incubation

Susan N. Keall, Nicola J. Nelson, and Charles H. Daugherty

Parasites, but not Palpation, are Associated with Pregnancy Failure in a Captive Viviparous Lizard

K.M. Hare, J.R. Hare, and A. Cree