About the Herpetological Conservation and Biology Logo

A number of symbolic elements were used to create our logo:


      Circle - The circle represents the Earth and thus symbolizes the international nature of the journal and our committment to

                     the international herpetological community.  A circle is also a subtle suggestion of infinity and thus our desire for the

                     continued survival of the world's Threatened and Endangered amphibians and reptiles.

     Sea Turtle - The sea turtle symbolically represents both reptiles and oceanic habitats. Turtles are a universal totem animal,
                            thought to symbolize strength, immortality, longevity, and fertility.  In certain Native American cultures, the turtle
                            represent Mother Earth and the wisdom of the ancient ones.  Thus, the sea turtle symbolizes our quest for wisdom
                            in preserving our planet, its ecosystems, and the amphibians and reptiles sheltered within.


     Tree Frog - The tree frog represents amphibians and the relationship between freshwater and terrestrial habitats.  Frogs
                           are also thought to symbolize fertility and thus, the continued survival of the world's amphibians and reptiles.



Together, these three symbolic elements represent the complete spectrum of amphibians and reptiles and the breadth of
ecosystems they inhabit.


     Blue - The color blue symbolically represents both water and sky and thus the water cycle...water is life.  Also, blue has long been
                 associated with dependability, loyalty, and wisdom all of which are attributes we strive for at Herpetological Conservation and


     Green - The color green suggests growth, fertility, and nature.  Thus, green was chosen to symbolize the importance of the environment
                    in sustaining amphibians and reptiles.


     White - White was chosen to symbolize purity and new beginnings.  It represents the new publication model we have chosen; one
                    where participants are driven by an unencumbered quest for knowledge, free of financial considerations for all participants.