What Your Colleagues are Saying...

"Congratulations on pulling this off!  I think it's a great achievement, especially as it fills a niche for solid biological studies that may
lack some of the trendiness so favored by many of the established journals.  I wish you success and will watch it carefully as a model
for the ornithological world (of which I am a closet member).

                                         Marshall A. Howe, Ph.D., USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center



"HCB looks great...wonderful job."

                                         Travis W. Taggart, Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Fort Hays State University



"I wanted to congratulate you and your colleagues on the first issue of Herpetological Conservation and Biology...I know I will spend
a fair amount of time on the site and reading the articles to better educate myself.  For me, a person with no formal education in
biology, wildlife management, or conservation, the information you make available through the website and the current and future 
issues is very important."

                                         Brian Wallace, Box Turtle Partnership of Texas



"...this issue is even more stunning than the last!  Top notch papers from top notch scientists.  Keep up those high standards, we are
very proud to be associated with you."

                                         Ernesto Garcia, PARC



"YOU DONE YOURSELVES PROUD!!...If all of my journals came in this way my life would be much more efficient."

                                         Richard Vogt, INPA



"You have a great journal!"

                                         Joseph T. Collins, Center for North American Herpetology



"Congrats on the very interesting first issue, and best wishes for continued success!!"

                                        Harry W. Greene, Cornell University



"We wish to congratulate you and your colleagues for making this online journal a reality!"

                                        Rom Whitaker, Co-Chairman, Gharial Multi-Task Force



"Our community of researchers and scholars will find this publication of great interest!"

                                        University of Toronto



"Thanks for having us be part of the journal.  I think that HCB will be bigger and certainly better than Herp Nat Hist!"

                                        Frederic Zaidan III



"...will enrich our Library's collections."

                                        Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - Paris



"This is a valuable addition to our collections...We would be most pleased to continue to receive this publication."

                                        Chicago Field Museum



"Just wanted to say that the most recent issue of HCB looks fabulous!  It was a pleasure working with you.."

                                        Nina D'Amore



"I’m really excited about this new journal."

                                        Paulette Conrad, Nevada Department of Wildlife



"Looks great! It's a good idea to make it open access and release it online (saves trees and energy!)."

                                        Gina Varrin, Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre



"Thank you for the communication and also for all of your efforts on the fine new journal.  I will convey your message
to my dad [Henry Fitch] when I call him tonight.  He was deeply honored by your invitation to contribute to the first issue
of HCB!"

                                        Alice F. Echelle, Oklahoma State University