Manuscript Submission

Herpetological Conservation and Biology strives to make the editorial process run smoothly. Thus, submission of a manuscript requires that the author(s) attest that the manuscript:

  1. (1) is original and that no portion of it has been published elsewhere, in any language 

  2. (2)
    is not under consideration for publication in another journal


Moreover, the authors must submit the AuthorSubmissionForm¬† to verify that their manuscript is in strict compliance with all Herpetological Conservation and Biology formatting rules.  We check...

Documents For Authors

  • Instructions For Authors

    Complete guide to submitting a manuscript.

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  • Author Submission Form

    Editors will verify that the form was submitted and that the manuscript is compliant.

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Peer Review

How will your manuscript be judged?

Anonymous peer reviewers will read your manuscript and use this confidential form to report their findings to the assigned editors.

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Your manuscript is confidential

Peer reviewers must attest that they will treat your manuscript as a confidential document and that they have no conflicts of interest.

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