Monograph Series

Bibliography of the Anurans of the United States and Canada. Version 2, Updated
and Covering the Period 1709 – 2012

C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.,

Monograph 7 (2018)


Iguanas: Biology, Systematics, and Conservation

John B. Iverson, Tandora D. Grant, Charles R. Knapp, and Stesha A. Pasachnik [Editors]

Monograph 6 (2016) Table of Contents

The Herpetology of Southern Florida

Walter E. Meshaka, Jr. and James N. Layne


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A Bibliography of the Anurans of the United States and Canada (1734 - 2012)

C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.,


PDF of Monograph 4 (2013)


Pressing Problems: Distribution, Threats, and Conservation Status of the Monitor Lizards
(Varanidae: Varanus spp.) of Southeast Asia and the Indo-Australian Archipelago

André Koch, Thomas Ziegler, Wolfgang Böhme, Evy Arida, and Mark Auliya


PDF of Monograph 3 (2013)


A History of Herpetologists and Herpetology in the U.S. Department of the Interior

Jeffrey E. Lovich, Norman J. Scott, Jr., R. Bruce Bury, C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr., and Roy W. McDiarmid


PDF of Monograph 2 (2012)


A Runaway Train in the Making: The Exotic Amphibians, Reptiles, Turtles, and Crocodilians of Florida

Walter E. Meshaka, Jr.

PDF of Monograph 1 (2011)