Volume 3, Issue 1 (February 2008)

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    Announcement of the International Symposium on Natural History and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles
    at the 6th World Congress of Herpetology

    Robert Brodman


    HCB Peer Reviewers 2006-2007

    Editorial Staff


Research Articles


Distribution and Relative Abundance of Tennessee Cave Salamanders (Gyrinophilus palleucus and Gyrinophilus gulolineatus)
with an emphasis on Tennessee Populations

Brian T. Miller and Matthew L. Niemiller


Sex Ratio Prediction of Juvenile Hawksbill Sea Turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) from South Florida, USA
[Photo Gallery]

Gaelle Blanvillain, Lawrence D. Wood, Anne B. Meylan, and Peter A. Meylan


Turning Population Trend Monitoring into Active Conservation: Can we save the Cascades Frog (Rana cascadae)
in the Lassen Region of California?  [Photo Gallery]

Gary M. Fellers, Karen L. Pope, Jonathan E. Stead, Michelle S. Koo, and Hartwell H. Welsh, Jr.


Beach Fidelity and Internesting Movements of Olive Ridley Turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) at Rushikulya, India

Basudev Tripathy and Bivash Pandav


Wildfire Effects on Water Temperature and Selection of Breeding Sites by the Boreal Toad (Bufo boreas) in Seasonal Wetlands

Blake R. Hossack and Paul Stephen Corn


Post-Breeding Habitat Use by Adult Boreal Toads (Bufo boreas) after Wildfire in Glacier National Park, USA

C. Gregory Guscio, Blake R. Hossack, Lisa A. Eby, and Paul Stephen Corn


Thermoregulatory Behavior of the Saxicolous Lizard, Tropidurus torquatus (Squamata, Tropiduridae), in a Rocky Outcrop
in Minas Gerais, Brazil
 [Photo Gallery]

Leonardo B. Ribeiro, Samuel C. Gomides, Aline O. Santos, and Bernadete M. Sousa


Core Calling Periods of the Frogs of Temperate New South Wales, Australia  [Photo Gallery]

Francis Lemckert and Michael Mahony


Vertebrate Road Mortality Predominantly Impacts Amphibians

David J. Glista, Travis L. DeVault, and J. Andrew DeWoody


Multiple Paternity in the Oriental-Australian Rear-fanged Watersnakes (Homalopsidae)

Harold K. Voris, Daryl R. Karns, Kevin A. Feldheim, Bobak Kechavarzi, and Megan Rinehart




Are Wildlife Detector Dogs or People Better at Finding Desert Tortoises (Gopherus agassizii)?  [Photo Gallery]

Kenneth E. Nussear, Todd C. Esque, Jill S. Heaton, Mary E. Cablk, Kristina K. Drake, Cindee Valentin, Julie L. Yee,
and Phillip A. Medica


DNA Barcoding as a Means to Identify Organisms Associated with Amphibian Eggs

James E. Johnson, Susan F. Belmont, and R. Steven Wagner


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