Volume 3, Issue 2 (November 2008)



    Editorial Changes and Using Film Clips as Figures in HCB PDFs

    Malcolm L. McCallum



Research Articles


Mating Strategy and Breeding Patterns of the Foothill Yellow-legged Frog (Rana boylii)

Clara A. Wheeler and Hartwell H. Welsh, Jr.


Reproduction of Pacific Pond Turtles (Actinemys marmorata) in Coastal Streams of Central California

Norman J. Scott, Galen B. Rathbun, Thomas G. Murphey, and Margaret B. Harker


Common Chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater) Populations in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area: Stability in Urban Preserves

Brian K. Sullivan and Keith O. Sullivan


Movement Patterns of California Red-legged Frogs (Rana draytonii) in an Inland California Environment

Patricia J. Tatarian


Maturational Changes in Male Slider Turtles (Trachemys scripta) from Illinois

Anne M. Readel, Jonathan K. Warner, Rebecca L. Holberton, and Christopher A. Phillips


Anaerobic Bacteria Isolated from the Gastrointestinal Tracts of Bullfrog Tadpoles (Rana catesbeiana)

Gregory S. Pryor


Pathogenicity of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Two Threatened California Amphibians: Rana draytonii and Ambystoma

Gretchen E. Padgett-Flohr


Characteristics of Japanese Giant Salamander (Andrias japonicus) Populations in Two Small Tributary Streams in Hiroshima
prefecture, Western Honshu, Japan
 [Photo Gallery]

Sumio Okada, Taeko Utsunomiya, Tamami Okada, Zachary I. Felix, and Fumihiko Ito


Observations on Egg-laying Behavior and Interactions Among Attending Female Red Salamanders (Pseudotriton ruber) with
Comments on the Use of Caves by this Species

Brian T. Miller, Matthew L. Niemiller, and R. Graham Reynolds


Interaction of an Introduced Predator with Future Effects of Climate Change in the Recruitment Dynamics of the Imperiled Sierra
Nevada Yellow-legged Frog (Rana sierrae)

Igor Lacan, Kathleen Matthews, and Krishna Feldman


The Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on a Population of Yellow-blotched Sawbacks (Graptemys flavimaculata) in the Lower
Pascagoula River

Will Selman and Carl Qualls


Geographic Pattern Analysis of Pesticide Exposure in Salamander Populations in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Michael J. Freake and Erik D. Lindquist


Behavioral Responses by Tadpoles of Six Australian Species to Chemical Cues from Other Tadpoles

Mattias Hagman


The Mediterranean Gecko as a Sentinel to Evaluate Heavy Metal Exposure

Clint Kinney, Terry Sylvester, Andrea DeStories, Kyra Savoy, Anita Morris, Gerald Ramelow, Mark Merchant, and Mark Paulissen


The Diving Behavior of Inter-nesting Hawksbill Turtles, Eretmochelys imbricata (Linnaeus 1766), on Milman Island Reef,
Queensland, Australia


Ian Philip Bell and C. John Parmenter


A Preliminary Survey of the Amphibian Fauna in Nilgala Forest Area and its Vicinity, Monaragala District, Sri Lanka

D.M.S. Suranjan Karunarathna, U.T. Indika Abeywardena, M. D. Chandana Asela, and L.D.C. Bhathiya Kekulandala


Growth Rates of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) from the Western North Atlantic

Joanne Braun-McNeill, Sheryan P. Epperly, Larisa Avens, Melissa L. Snover, and J. Christopher Taylor


Breeding Frequency of Western Toads (Bufo boreas) in Northeastern Oregon

Evelyn L. Bull and Cynthia Carey


A Preliminary Investigation into Hayne Estimates of Poison Dart Frog (Anura: Dendrobatidae) Densities in Recovering Tropical
Forest Habitats, Southwestern Costa Rica

Jennifer R.B. Miller and Donald A. McFarlane