Volume 9, Issue 1 (July 2014)

HerpSpective Article


Amphibian Contributions to Ecosystem Services

Daniel J. Hocking and Kimberly J. Babbitt

Research Articles


Use of GPS Loggers to Enhance Radio-tracking Studies of Semi-aquatic Freshwater Turtles

Robert J. Christensen and Patricia Chow-Fraser

Behavioral Thermoregulation of the Tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, under Hydric and Digestive Constraints
[Photo Gallery]

Ilse Corkery, Ben D. Bell, and Nicola J. Nelson

Reproduction of Common Frogs, Rana temporaria, in a Managed Conifer Forest and Bog Landscape in
Western Ireland

Reilly R. Dibner, Colin Lawton, and Ferdia Marnell


Patterns of Predation and Antipredator Behavior in the Australian Water Dragon, Physignathus lesueurii

J. Sean Doody, Peter Harlow, Donna Douglass, Jason D. Thiem, Ben Broadhurst, Dane Trembath, Jerry Olsen,
Esteban Fuentes, and Tony Rose

Reptile Occurrence and Habitat Associations on Holloman Air Force Base

Nicole M. Harings, Kenneth G. Boykin, and Lucas Oligschlaeger

Moving Massasaugas: Insight into Rattlesnake Relocation using Sistrurus c. catenatus

Daniel S. Harvey, Andrew M. Lentini, Karen Cedar, and Patrick J. Weatherhead

Plethodontid Salamander Distributions in Managed Forest Headwaters in Western Oregon, USA [Photo Gallery]

Deanna H. Olson and Matthew R. Kluber

Using Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Systems for Terrestrial Detection of Blue-spotted Salamanders
(Ambystoma laterale) in situ
[Photo Gallery]

Kevin J. Ryan, Joseph D. Zydlewski, and Aram J.K. Calhoun

Initial Assessment of Host Susceptibility and Pathogen Virulence for Conservation and Management of
Tasmanian Amphibians

Jamie Voyles, Annie Phillips, Michael Dreiessen, Matthew Webb, Lee Berger, Douglas C.Woodhams, Kris
Murray, and Lee F. Skerratt

Preliminary Ethogram and in situ Time-activity Budget of the Enigmatic Cane Turtle (Vijayachelys silvatica)
from the Western Ghats, South India

Utpal Smart, V. Deepak, and Karthikeyan Vasudevan

Intra- and Inter-population Variability of Food Preferences of two Natrix Species on the Balkan Peninsula

Goran Šukalo, Sonja Đorđević, Slađana Gvozdenović, Aleksandar Simović, Marko Anđelković, Veljko
Blagojević, and Ljiljana Tomović

Population Size, Movement, and Reproduction of the Georgetown Salamander, Eurycea naufragia

Benjamin A. Pierce, Kira D. McEntire, and Ashley E. Wall

Ontogeny of Gonad and Genital Morphology in Juvenile Alligator Snapping Turtles (Macrochelys temminckii)

Day B. Ligon, Kay Backues, Brian M. Fillmore, and Denise M. Thompson

Spatial Relationships of the Desert Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata luteola) Captured at a Stock Tank in
Southeastern Arizona

Michael V. Plummer

Sexual Size Dimorphism, Diet, and Reproduction in the Mexican Garter Snake, Thamnophis eques

Javier Manjarrez, Jorge Contreras-Garduño, and Mariusz Kryzsztof Janczur

Reproductive Biology of Phymaturus spectabilis (Liolaemidae): Females Skip Reproduction in Cold
and Harsh Environments of Patagonia, Argentina

Jorgelina M. Boretto, Facundo Cabezas-Cartes, Fabián Tappari, Faustao Méndez-De la Cruz, Barry
Sinervo, Alejandro J. Scolaro, and Nora R. Ibargüengoytía

Changes in Female Reproduction and Body Condition in an Endemic Lizard, Phymaturus spectabilis,
following the Puyehue Volcanic Ashfall Event

Jorgelina M. Boretto, Facundo Cabezas-Cartes, Erika L. Kubisch, Barry Sinervo, and Nora R.

Potential Impacts of a High Severity Wildfire on Abundance, Movement, and Diversity of Herpetofauna
in the Lost Pines Ecoregion of Texas
[Photo Gallery]

Donald J. Brown, Adam Duarte, Ivana Mali, Melissa C. Jones, and Michael R.J. Forstner

Effect of Urbanization on Abundance of Jollyville Plateau Salamanders (Eurycea tonkawae)

Nathan F. Bendik, Blake N. Sissel, Jacqueline R. Fields, Lisa J. O'Donnell, and Mark S. Sanders