Volume 9, Issue 3 (December 2014)



Additions and Changes of Editors at Herpetological Conservation and Biology.

R. Bruce Bury

Herpetological Conservation and Biology Incorporated.

Raymond A. Saumure and Andrew D. Walde

Peer Reviewers 2012-2013.

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Conservation Triage of Sonoran Mud Turtles. [Photo Gallery]

Paul A. Stone, Justin D. Congdon, and Chelsea L. Smith


Research Articles


Prevalence of the Amphibian Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Eastern Hellbenders
(Cryptobranchus a. alleganiensis) in Western North Carolina, USA.

Lori A. Williams and John D. Groves

Conservation Threats to Dice Snakes (Natrix tessellata) in Golem Grad Island (FYR of Macedonia).

Bogoljub Sterijovski, Rastko Ajtic, Ljiljana Tomovic, and Xavier Bonnet

Description and Comparison of Turtle Assemblages and Populations Located within a Spring-fed River.

Amber L. Pitt and Max A. Nickerson

Internal Parasites of Lizards from Taiwan.

Gerrut Norval, Stephen R. Goldberg, Charles R. Bursey, Jean-Jay Mao, and Kerry Slater

Filling Gaps in Life-history Data: Clutch Sizes for 21 Species of North American Anurans.

Joseph C. Mitchell and Christopher A. Pague

Detecting Frogs and Detecting Declines: An Examination of Occupancy and Turnover Patterns at the Range
Edge of Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris blanchardi).

Richard M. Lehtinen and James R. Witter

Genetic Investigation of Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) Harvested from a Foraging Ground at Mantanani
Sabah, Malaysia.

Juanita Joseph, Chong Yee Kuen, Pushpa M. Palaniappan, and Liew Hock Chark

Nesting Characteristics of Olive Ridley Turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) on El Naranjo Beach, Nayarit, Mexico.

Catherine E. Hart, Cesar Ley-QuiÑonez, Adrian Maldonado-Gasca, Alan Zavala-Norzagaray, and F. Alberto

Morphological Variation in the Mediterranean House Gecko (Gekkonideae: Hemidactylus turcicus) along
Geographical Gradients in the Southeastern United States.

Michael C. Granatosky and Kenneth L. Krysko

Microhabitat Characteristics of Egg Deposition Sites Used by Reticulated Flatwoods Salamanders.

Thomas A. Gorman, Sylvia D. Powell, Kelly C. Jones, and Carola A. Haas

The Habitat of Two Species of Day Geckos (Phelsuma ornata and Phelsuma guimbeaui) and Implications
for Conservation Management in Island Ecosystems.

Michael J. Bungard, Carl Jones, Vikash Tatayah, and Diana J. Bell

In Situ Nest and Hatchling Survival at Rancho Nuevo, the Primary Nesting Beach of the Kemp's Ridley
Sea Turtle, Lepidochelys kempi.

Elizabeth Bevan, Thane Wibbels, Blanca M.Z. Najera, Marco A.C. Martinez, Laura A.S. Martinez, Diana J.L.
Reyes, Mauricio H. Hernandez, Daniel G. Gamez, Luis J. Pena, and Patrick M. Burchfield

Population Declines of Mountain Coqui (Eleutherodactylus portoricensis) in Cordillera Central of
Puerto Rico.
[Photo Gallery]

Brittany S. Barker and Alejandro Rios-Franceschi

Thermal Biology and Microhabitat Use in Puerto Rican Eyespot Geckos (Sphaerodactylus macrolepis

Kaitlin E. Allen and Robert Powell

Distribution and Habitats of Amphibians in the Central Region of Saudi Arabia. [Photo Gallery]

Awadh M. Al-Johany, Saleem S. Al-Quarni, and Khalid A. Hasayen

A Review of Pipe and Bamboo Artificial Refugia as Sampling Tools in Anuran Studies.

Brad M. Glorioso and J. Hardin Waddle